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NEW- Project Portfolio Management ONLINE Training

This very effective training will give you the keys to implement your strategy faster. It focuses on what really makes the difference and provides you tools used successfully by several of our customers.


Project Portfolio Tracker

Are you looking for a tool to help you implement your strategy faster ?

Our Project Portfolio Tracker solution helps you:

Digital Services for Retail

We have partnered with 3 Senior Managers from the Retail & E-Commerce industry with strong expertise in Operations & IT to develop a service platform to retail companies.

We provide 3 types of services:

• Management Advisory: we can help you define your strategy and improve your operations


Pharm-Impact supports organizations in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical sector to implement their strategy.

About Us


Here below is a list of articles from us on different aspects of business excellence (Available on request- please fill in the contact form and mention which article you would like):


Accurate diagnostics focusing on different aspects are available:

Leading or facilitating Lean Six Sigma projects

Your need :
You have decided to improve some of your processes but would like to support your project teams by using a well-defined process ensuring a timely and valuable implementation.

Our offer:
Our knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma methodology can help you achieve significant improvements in a short time-frame (3 months).
Lean Six Sigma is the most recognized framework for achieving continuous process improvement.
Its project lifecycle is the following:
• Define: document the business issue
• Measure: collect relevant process data
• Analyze: identify root causes

Leading or facilitating business process reengineering projects

Your need :
Based on a benchmarking or on major operational issues, you have decided to reengineer some of your processes and would like to support your project teams by using a well-defined process ensuring a timely and valuable implementation.

Our offer:
Our experience of reengineering programs can help you focus your energy on the real value of the reengineering, by using a blend of a well-known reengineering methodology (Rummler and Brache) and sound project management practices.

If you want to know more or discuss how we can help you, please Contact us .

Audit and recovery

Your need:
Are you facing a major issue on a specific project but cannot clearly see how to solve it?

Our offer:
We can run an audit of this project and define a recovery plan together with your project team. This audit uses a well-defined process to ensure nothing is left aside and shorten the time to recovery.
The major steps of this process are the following:
• Define the charter
• Develop the assessment plan
• Conduct the assessment
• Develop the recovery plan
• Conduct the recovery
The assessment will look among others at the following aspects:

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