Here below is a list of articles from us on different aspects of business excellence (Available on request- please fill in the contact form and mention which article you would like):


  • Professionalize your organization to achieve a sustainable performance
  • First step towards business excellence: A sound strategy

Portfolio/Program/ Project Management

  • Use Portfolio Management to effectively implement your strategy
  • Strategy to develop Project Management in a low-maturity company – Bottom-Up approach (Article Published by PMI on 2009)
  • PMO: your partner for business excellence and a Change Champion- Top-Down approach (Article Published by PMI on 2015)
  • Which organization for Strategic & Agile Programs ?
  • Efficiently deploy your projects with Pragmatic Project Management 
  • Assessing Project Health (Article Published by PMI on 2009)

Change Management

  • 6 main  drivers of business changes
  • 7 kinds of business changes/transformations
  • Identifying, Evaluating and Influencing Stakeholders during Changes
  • A light way of using Change Management tools
  • Using KPIs to drive Change


  • A simple stakeholder-based competency framework to help you reach success (as a Project Manager) (Article Published by PMI on 2014)
  • Blending Learning activities to reach maximum impact (Article Published by PMI on 2019)
  • SWAT teams and the compensation of the entrepreneurial knowledge worker 

Process Management

  • Bring Discipline and Focus with Process Management
  • Merging Methodologies to make a Business Process Reengineering a success
  • How good is your process management approach ?


We have put together one e-Book "Change Management Starter Kit" covering the 5 artciles on change management above to enable you to get started with change management. 

We have also published the e-Book "Developing Project Management Matuirty in Organizations" as it is one of our favorite topics and objectives. 

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