Project Management Information System (PMIS) as a Service

Do you want to avoid investing in infrastructure and developing internal competency to maintain your own Project Management application ?
Do you want a cheap and flexible service that is based on pay-per-use principle ?
Do you want to try the application TOMORROW before making it a corporate standard ?
Do you want to collaborate easily with your suppliers or customers ?
Do you want a tight integration with the Microsoft product suite ?

We have the solution for you: Project Management Information System (PMIS) as a Service.

Implementing best practices using MS Projectserver

Project Server is a powerful collaboration and planning tool. To reap the benefits of the tool, systematic training on MS Project stand-alone and on the collaboration/enterprise features must be provided to your teams. This is ideally done when you have customized the environment to your specific needs, just like any enterprise software.


• Microsoft Project 2002 Bible, Elaine Marmel, Hungry Minds, 2002 : ***
To be written
• Dynamic Scheduling with Microsoft Office Project 2003, Eric Uyttewaal, JRoss, 2005: *****
This is the real bible for MS Project ! It shows how to use MS Project to the full extent and explains its limitations. Also provides practical tools such as checklists and filters to assess the health of the schedule. Well done !

Book Reviews

Reviews rate the books based on their contribution of actionable ideas to improve project management in organizations.

*No added-value **Good basics *** Some good ideas
****New knowledge, insightful *****Actionable knowledge

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