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Competing for growth- Which challenges can The Project Gold Mine help you tackle ?

The « Competing for Growth » research by Ernst & Young, issued in October 2010, http://www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/Competing_for_growth_Winning_in_the_new_economy/$FILE/1110EDA034_competing_growth_main_report_web.pdf , tells us there are four main growth factors for companies: customer reach, operational agility, cost competitiveness and stakeholder confidence.
The Project Gold Mine has strong expertise to improve one of these factors : operational agility. We can help you better manage your projects, make internal support functions more efficient and responsive, make external partnerships more efficient, make your supply chain more responsive to changes, increase/expand sales & marketing function, make increased use of outsourcing/ shared service centers, etc.
Are you interested in discussing further how we can help you? Please contact us.


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