Solvay Fluor- MS Projectserver training & Support

 “We were looking for an efficient hosting solution to work with MS Project without spending our own resources on infrastructure. The Project Gold Mine is not only a service to provide technical support and access to MS Project Server. They have a broad experience with project management and support which is essential to provide a good service with MS Project Server. The service was always quick and easily accessible. The system was adapted to match individual requirements.

 Our experience with training sessions was very satisfying. The Project Gold Mine gave individually required and tailored training. They were very skilled to adapt to the different levels of knowledge of the attendants. The trainings took place in a nice atmosphere and no attendee got the feeling he was getting lost with the covered learning content during the course. Last but not least this recommendable service was provided by knowing the software and project management by excellence, the latter not only from theories, but related to real life. The Project Gold Mine can be recommended without restriction of any kind if you are looking for PM consulting, training, and /or system hosting.” Dr. Jens Olschimke, R&D Deputy Manager, Solvay SBU Fluor, Hanover, Germany