portfolio management

Portfolio Management

Budgets and internal resources are not unlimited.
And market dynamics require agility. 
Do you need to align on priorities with your management team and communicate them clearly to the rest of the organization ? 
Our Pragmatic Portfolio Management online training will show you how to do this and provide you with a step-by-step tool that you just need to follow.
We have helped several organizations build their portfolio management practice. 

Customer reference: AGC Building

Article: Use Portfolio Management to effectively implement your strategy

Project management

Program/Project Management

Have you translated your strategic initiatives into programs and/or projects ? 
It is now time to deliver your projects as fast as you can. 
Our Pragmatic Project Management online training will show you how to do this and provide you with a step-by-step tool that you just need to follow. The results can then be used at portfolio management level to take project health into account in the next portfolio review. 
Over the years we have trained over 300 and coached over 50 project managers. 

Customer reference: AGC IT

Article: Strategy to develop project management in a low-maturity company



Would you like to setup a Portfolio/Program/Project Management Office to increase your Project Management Maturity ? Do you know where you stand today and which PMO Model would best fit your needs ?

Our Deploying best Practices through PMOs online training and coaching/consulting will help you figure out the PMO Mission, Vision and Main deliverables  and the appropriate development path from the current to the target maturity level

Over the years we have developed more than 6 PMOs in different organizations. 

Customer reference: Solvay

Article: PMO: your partner for business excellence and a Change Champion- Top-Down approach

change management

Change Management

Do you need help implementing and sustaining change on your organization ? 

We can definitely help you define the necessary approach and lead the change.

We have managed multiple large programs / projects facing a strong change management challenge, and have several senior consultants/ coaches focusing on change management

Customer reference: Tenneco


6 main drivers of business changes

7 kinds of business changes/transformations

Identifying, Evaluating and Influencing Stakeholders during Changes

A light way of using Change Management tools

Using KPIs to drive changes



Do you have doubts on existing solutions requiring heavy capital investments or lacking the needed guidance to deliver improvements on your project delivery? Are you dissatisfied with your current solution ? We offer a best-of-both worlds approach with our PPM SaaS solution, focused on decision making and delivery, and decreasing learning curve from the project managers and team members.

Customer reference: Solvay Pharmaceuticals

ms project

MS Project Server/Project Online

Do you want to implement Microsoft Project server in your organization? 

We have been using it and have been developing custom solutions on it  since 2002. We can help you quickly roll it out and 

our training Deploy Best Practices using MS Project Server class-based training will get your team up-to-speed in  no time.

Customer reference: Tessenderlo

business process management

Business Process Management/ Reengineering

Do you want to increase transversal collaboration across departments to ensure smoother operations and ultimately better customer service and higher margins ?  

We can help you design lean end-to-end processes  (Lead/Order-To-Cash, Source/Procure-to-Pay, Record-To-Report, etc.) by focusing on your main painpoints and guarantee a better customer journey. 

We have led multiple Business Process Reengineering in different domains: Supply Chain, Finance and HR. 

Customer references: Besins Healthcare & Solvay

Article: Merging Methodologies to make a Business Process Reengineering a success


Team Performance/ Leadership

Do you feel your team could be more engaged ? We can help you assess the team performance, clarify its objectives, how everybody in the team can contribute and what is potentially missing to fulfill them.

Customer reference: AGC


Enterprise Applications

Do you need to review your current application landscape ? We can build with you an IT roadmap based on prioritized pain points and current system performance, and then guide the sourcing of  the appropriate software and implementation partners, as well as the implementation itself. 

Customer references: Alter Pharma & Swift