PM Maturity Assessment & Improvement Plan


PM Maturity Assessment & Improvement Plan

Your need:
You may face chronic issues around projects, that you would like to solve once for all. Examples of such issues can be: communications issues between departments, conflicts of priorities on projects, unavailability of resources at the right time, …
These issues can be solved by reviewing your current processes and train people on a new way to work .This does not necessarily involve a big-bang approach like starting everything from scratch , but can just require focused improvements in a few areas.

Our offer:
In order to identify the weak areas, an assessment is made by interviewing a number of representative people across your organization and comparing your current practices with best practices such as but the ones described in the PMI standards (of course there are others as well).
Once the weak areas are identified and agreed upon, we can help you refine your processes and train the people to implement them.
A clear set of improvement metrics should be defined and measured to manage the change.
This type of project typically lasts from 3 to 12 months, depending on the scope and the improvements to be put in place. The assessment can be done in about one month, but the improvements usually take several months to implement and can be followed by part-time resources.

An example of aspects that should be covered in the assessment follows:
- How are people selected and brought into the project
- How are people trained ?
- Is the PMO accepted within the organization ?
- Do people comply with policies and procedures ?
- How is performance measured ?
- Are there pre-defined selection criteria for projects ?
- Is there a regular review of the portfolio health ?
- Are there clear roles and responsibilities related to decision making ?
- Are there rules defined for planning ?
- How often is the planning updated ?
- …

White paper:
Strategy to develop project management in a low maturity company


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