Portfolio Review


Portfolio Review

Your need: You would like to speed up your strategy execution and get better visibility on active projects and their status to make the right decisions

Our offer: The first step is to build an inventory of all these activities, split into different categories or portfolios based on the resource pool used (human and/or budgets). For each portfolio, different criteria for prioritization may be used and clear health metrics have to be defined and measured. This is not straightforward and experience in this field is valuable. The Project Gold Mine can help you define or fine-tune your portfolio approach and build the inventory of all necessary metrics that are needed to make good decisions. In order to do this, The Project Gold Mine will define metrics with upper management and work with your project managers to collect the relevant information. After a first data collection and presentation, the portfolio management process can be refined. Also, a clear list of high-priority actions will be identified to improve the current portfolio. 


Article: use portfolio management to effectively implement your strategy


Customer Reference: AGC Building, Solvay


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